TP Innovation

We are a part of an evolutionary path where new processes and technologies are constantly being developed. 

Every day we are inspired by the amazing materials we work with and driven by the desire to turn these materials into amazing products.

Our innovative production methods have made it possible to join fabrics with sustainable cork, and create a flexible product made of a natural material and thus offers additional design opportunities, that goes between the fashion industry, the interior furnishing, and the many applications that the creativity can achieve.  

A unique partnership has been set up with 2 companies (Texteis Pendedo & Sedacor), with diferent business, but with the same passion, for nature and innovation.

With the scientific support of Citeve and Porto University we were able to develop innovative and high-performance products that simultaneously incorporate the properties of textile substrates at the level of comfort, touch and appearance and functional cork surplus value.

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TP Innovation