Project Title: ReleaseMe - Smart Textiles with Photocatalytic Microcapsules
Project Code: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-033268
Main Objective: OT1 - Strengthening research, technological development and innovation
Region of intervention: North

- Têxteis Penedo, S.A. (Leading Promoter)
- University of Minho (Copromoter)
- Bogstena Textil, Unipessoal, Lda. (Copromoter)
- Irmarfer S.A. (Copromoter)
- Photocapsules, Lda. (Copromoter)

Approval Date: 24-06-2019
Start Date: 01-08-2019
End Date: 31-07-2022
Total eligible cost: 1 330 233,00 €
European Union financial support - FEDER: 749 915,29 €

Project objective:
The present project aims the production of an innovative 24/06/2019 heterostructured system for the diffusion of active compounds by solar activation from textile substrates through the functional properties of polymeric microcapsules functionalized on their surface with photocatalytic nanomaterials (photocatalytic microcapsules).

This central objective will allow the development of new textile products with advanced properties conferred by the functionalisation of textiles with microcapsules customized for each product.

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