Project code: 38418

Description/ Acronym:  SI I&DT Co-Promotion CORK-a-TEX

Duration (months): 18

Start Date (prevision): 01/01/2014

Start Date: 01/01/2014

Prevision End Date: 30/06/2015


The Cork-a-Tex Project has an implementation period from the 1st January 2014 until the 30th June 2015.

With an investment amount of 426 thousand Euros, the Cork-a-Tex Project aims to develop textile substrates incorporating cork.

It is intended to develop innovative products with high performance incorporating simultaneously the properties of the textile substrates and the functional advantages of cork.

The Project is financed by QREN, under the Operational Program for Competitiveness Factors, in the amount of about 294 thousand Euros, provided by the European Regional Development Fund.


The Project involves the participation of the promoter SEDACOR – Sociedade Exportadora de Artigos de Cortiça, Lda (Exporting Company of Cork Articles), and the co-promoters, TÊXTEIS PENEDO S.A., CITEVE – Centro Tecnológico das Indústrias Têxteis e do Vestuário de Portugal (Technological Centre for the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal) and FEUP  – Faculdade de Engenharia Universidade do Porto (Faculty of Engineering University of Porto).

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