Description/ Acronym: DEPHOTEX

Duration (months): 36

Start Date (prevision): 01/11/2008

Start Date: 01/11/2008

Prevision End Date: 30/11/2011

The aim of the project is the research and development of textile solar cells in order to obtain flexible photovoltaic textiles based on new fibres, to allow energy to be produced from solar radiation. The project, in a consortium of 16 European entities, offers varied applications in the following sectors: soft furnishings, sports, clothing and the automobile industry.
The main technological innovation is based on developing flexible sources of energy directly from textiles. It offers great added value as it is to be able to produce energy from a clean, renewable, flexible source just using sun light.
It is important to underline the potential of photovoltaic textiles because of the huge amount of textile products that are exposed to the sun. This is why the DEPHOTEX project will be an important benefit for the European textile sector, as well as other sectors.

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