Project code: 34085

Description/ Acronym: SI I&DT Individual - CORTFEE - Curtain for Energy Efficiency

Duration (months): 18

Start Date (prevision): 01/01/2014

Start Date: 01/01/2014

Prevision End Date: 30/06/2015


Support measure: Incentive system to I&DT – Individual projects (QREN – Operational Programme Competitiveness Factors)

Promotor: Têxteis Penedo, S.A

Location: Guimarães

CAE: 13201 – Weaving of cotton-type yarns

Project name: Development of an Energy-Efficient Functionalized Curtain
Implementation schedule: 1st January 2014 – 30th June 2015

Eligible investment: 459.091,51 €


Project description

The CORTFEE project aims the research and development of energy-efficient functionalized curtains.

It is intended to consolidate the company’s bet on efficient and environmentally friendly products, continuing the effort to upgrade its products.

For activities of industrial research and experimental development, leading to the creation of new products, counts on CITEVE and CeNTI’s support.


Expected outcomes

The project’s outcome will be demonstrated through a range of innovating products, efficient and environmentally friendly, with differentiating performances and features, which will allow the company to enter into competitive markets with high growth potential.  

Additionally, it is expected to increase the company’s competitiveness through innovation and technological development by establishing synergistic relationships between the
entities of the SCTN (CITEVE and CeNTI), thus promoting the assimilation of expertise among it’s I&DT teams.

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